DT & NDT specifying for PQR

WPS/PQR Qualification The WPS for both the main welding procedures and weld repair procedures an oil and gas project shall be submitted by CONTRACTOR to Client / COMPANY normally one month minimum before the point of qualification tests. The WPS shall be accompanied by a summary table showing: process, consumables, direction of welding, type of weld, WPS no., test weld wall thickness and scope of qualification. The welding procedure qualification tests shall not be undertaken until the COMPANY Inspector (COMPANY‚ÄôS authorized representatives or members) has given his approval of the principle on the said WPS. CONTRACTOR shall demonstrate by qualification … Continue reading DT & NDT specifying for PQR

From PQR to WPS – Introduction

Here is the shortcut to understand the step by step that how to make a WPS with the initial information supplied from contract specification. DEFINITION Welding Procedure Specification (WPS) : A WPS is a written qualified welding procedure prepared to provide direction for making production welds to code requirements. Procedure Qualification Record (PQR) : A PQR is a record of the welding data used to weld a test coupon. Test Coupon : A weld or Braze assembly for procedure or performance qualification testing. The coupon may be any product from plate, Pipe, tube, etc., and may be a fillet weld, … Continue reading From PQR to WPS – Introduction