The selection of a structural framing system in any vessel must be made from a¬†consideration of weight (TO BE MINIMIZED)¬†, production matters (TO BE ACCESSIBLE FOR WELDING, NDT)¬†, suitability to resist global loads and vibration. Vessels can principally be either transversely or longitudinally frame (DEPEND ON POSITION OF SHIP). There are three type of Hull framing system: Transverse Framing System Longitudinal Framing System Combined or Mixed Framing System (Hybrids framing system) Advantages: Resist Hydrostatic/local loading ( Bow & Engine room area, Cargo hold of Bulk carrier ) Absorb the vibration (E/R, Accommodation) Disadvantages: Heavier than Longitudinal framing system. Much deformation … Continue reading HULL FRAMING SYSTEM (TRANS/LONGI)