In-situ Buttering welding

In-situ Buttering is deposition of a layer of weld metal on the susceptible surface (‘buttering’) prior to filling the joint ensures that strains due to the weld passes in contact with the steel are low. Or it is special buttering type different from the others – See Buttering vs Buildup in welding The deposition of low strength weld metal is deposited firstly on the susceptible plate before filling the joint with another electrode. However, before adopting this technique, design calculations should be carried out to ensure that the overall weld strength would be acceptable. Notes: Some O&G project has allowed using … Continue reading In-situ Buttering welding

Buttering vs Buildup in welding

The buildup is a surfacing variation in which surfacing material is deposited to achieve required dimensions. The term buildup denotes the addition of weld metal to a base metal surface, the edge of a joint, or previously deposited weld metal for the restoration of the component to the required dimensions. In this case, the strength of the weld metal is a necessary consideration in the component design. The Buttering is a surfacing variation used to deposit surfacing metal on one or more surfaces to provide compatible weld metal for the subsequent completion of the weld. Buttering differs from buildup in that … Continue reading Buttering vs Buildup in welding