All Information about 5G Technology in the Modern World

Welcome to this blog with the breakout of the Covid and numerous fear inspired notions between the infection and 5g innovations it is hard not to have found out about this innovation. 5g is the fifth era foundation standard for … Continue reading All Information about 5G Technology in the Modern World

Laboratory ISO 9001 vs ISO 17025

ISO 9001 or ISO 17025: How to choose a calibration company. ISO 17025 or ISO 9001: Which one is better? As a calibration company, we are sometimes asked which is better ISO 9001 or ISO 17025 certification. That really is the wrong question.  Both of these International standards are excellent.  The reason we said it is the wrong question is that they each have a particular focus. What is the difference between ISO 9001 and ISO 17025? ISO 9001 is a standard designed for the manufacturing and service sector and focuses the Quality Management System towards those major groupings. ISO … Continue reading Laboratory ISO 9001 vs ISO 17025

Fatigue on Weld

Designing for fatigue is very different than designing for static loads.  One of the biggest challenges is being able to estimate the loads, timing of the loads and duration of the loads.   If you look at a bridge you have to estimate the number of vehicles going on the bridge every day, the weight of these vehicles, and other forces and loads acting on the bridge such as its own weight (steel and concrete), wind loading, and pre-existing stresses such as those caused by welding. Girders are subjected to fluctuating loads which combined with temperature and fabrication quality will determine … Continue reading Fatigue on Weld

Risk Base Inspection and Guide to API 510, 570, 653 Certifications

Hey! we are going to start the topics, Please follow this site to get further notification of new post. API 510 Certification Self-Learning Package: API 510 Certification Instruction API 570 Certification Self-Learning Package: API 570 Certification Instructions API 571 Certification Self-Learning Package: … Continue reading Risk Base Inspection and Guide to API 510, 570, 653 Certifications

Damage stability calculations (Sample)

Damage stability calculations Calculations of the stability of damaged ship are complicated and tedious. At present, two different analysis concepts are applied: the deterministic concept and the probabilistic concept. For both concepts, the damage stability calculation shall be made according to the method of lost buoyancy. Unfortunately, the collision resistance is not considered when assessing damage stability and vessels with strengthened side structures are treated in the same way as single-hulled ships. The damage stability legislation is contained in the following Conventions or related mandatory Codes. – Deterministic concept – This method is based on damage assumptions such as damage length, transverse … Continue reading Damage stability calculations (Sample)