Things you need to know about promotion code

A promotion code is a series of numbers and / or letters that allows a customer to take advantage of a reduction or advantage online or in store. A promotion code can be personal or impersonal depending on the strategy used by the brand. The promotion code can be both in physical form, in this case we will rather speak of a reduction voucher or a coupon or it can be dematerialized and usable only on the internet.

History of the promotion code

Promotion codes started with the beginning of the internet. Indeed, more and more brands have started to set up websites to sell their products online. Basically, promo codes, discount codes like tk maxx discount code or “coupons” could only be used in physical stores and allowed brands to gain customer loyalty or to incentivize new sales.

It was at the beginning of the 2000s that many brands began to develop their online strategies and set up e-couponing campaigns in order to boost their sales as well as to retain their customers on the internet. This practice has evolved a lot in the years following the internet boom and promotion codes have become a lever in their own right for advertisers like tk maxx discount code. Many advertisers use promotion codes as a lever for acquiring traffic and promoting during hot periods of the year (Sales, Christmas, Valentine’s Day) in order to boost their sales.

The different types of promotion codes

Promotion codes can be classified under 4 very distinct typologies . Each type of promotion code gives the right to a certain advantage as can be seen below.


Promotion codes that entitle you to an immediate reduction in €

This type of promotion code is the most used with the following one that we will see in the next part. The “€” promotion codes actually make it possible to offer Internet users and online shoppers an immediate reduction on their order as soon as the code is inserted and validated in their shopping cart.

Let’s take an example to illustrate this case

  • You want to buy a television from a famous household appliance brand for € 800. At the same time, the brand in question offers “€” promotion codes to be used on all the products on its website.
  • All you have to do is choose from the proposed codes the one that can be used on your order (depending on the amount of your order for example) and use it online on the brand’s website. It is not uncommon to get promo codes of € 10, € 20, € 30 and more to use at certain brands.

Promotion codes to obtain a percentage discount

Just like “€” type promotion codes, promotion codes that give the right to a percentage discount on the value of the purchase are also very popular with online shoppers . The operation is exactly the same as for the other types of promotion codes except that the discount applied is a percentage discount. The advantage of these codes is that they often offer a higher discount than those in “€”.

Let’s also take an example for this case

  • You plan to buy a laptop worth € 1,500 from a famous computer manufacturer who offers 5% promotion codes from € 1,500 of purchase on all its laptops. As soon as your order is finalized, you will therefore be able to benefit from an immediate discount of € 75.
  • If we compare with the average savings obtained with “€” type codes which is of the order of 15 €, we immediately see the difference. Of course, this difference becomes smaller the smaller the amounts. It should therefore be noted that the “%” promotion codes are more interesting when the amount of the average basket is high, however the decision to set up this type of code depends only on the advertisers.

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