How To Void A Check: The Simple Process For Checking

A check which having the word void is known as voided check. The word void indicates that the check will not be used for the purpose of payment.

What is a voided check?

A voided check contains the check numbers, amount, and date on which it was issued. The check is issued only for a specific date. How to void a check? Let’s take a look at the process of voiding a check.

Step 1: Find the check number and date and phone it to your bank or credit card company. You can check by calling the bank or calling the credit card company.

Step 2: The bank or credit card company will ask you to fill a form that will help the company to request information from the bank.

Step 3: Fill the form and call the bank or credit card company to get the form that is needed to request information.

Step 4: Your bank or credit card company will then send the form which you filled to the company for verification.

How to Void a Check?

Check Bylaws govern the procedure to void checks. When checking, the candidate should apply the following guidelines: An application form to allow the candidate to verify the bank account and financial documents of the client who is an end client. An agreement between the candidate and the end client to verify all financial records of the client. This agreement should include statements like The bank account of the client. The client’s deposit slip number. The last two numbers of the deposit slip number. The company’s deposit slip number. The last two numbers of the deposit slip number. The last six digits of the deposit slip number. These are the information that the candidate should verify before voiding a check. How to Submit A Void Check Application?

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How to Void a Check for Business

Void check for small businesses is one of the easiest check procedures. The process involves the following steps.

1. Disclose the check to the supplier or business manager.

2. Get the relevant authorization or certificate.

3. Make the photocopy of the canceled check and wait for three days.

4. Check the photocopy for the relevant information. If the checks are void, write a note to the supplier or the business manager.

5. Submit the photocopy to the accountant, banker, or branch manager.

6. Get the back of the check without further use or deposit it into the bank’s safe deposit box for the balance.

The bankers’ guidelines for paying a check:

1. Check is stamped “Invalid Check” in bold print.

2. If the check is void, the cheque is dishonored.

What are the Drawbacks of Voiding a Check?

Voiding a check could be a very risky endeavor, so you should keep this point in mind. It is very important to protect your bank account to avoid any additional expenses from charges. So, only write checks you can trust. Types of Checks You Can Void: Small-denomination checks Big denomination checks Personal checks (vacation checks and disability checks) Bank checks (when written at a financial institution) Small money orders (when written at a financial institution) How to Void Checks? There are two methods to void a check. The first is the automatic method, which is a more convenient one to use. If you are not too sure about your bank account or do not have the use of your computer, you should also take the help of the other method of voiding a check, which is also easy.


The issue of voiding a check is one of the things which generally come to a customers’ notice. Thus, if you are still involved in checking your account details, this article will surely help you to check the amount in the account and the worth of your money. This will make you reduce your risks related to funds transfers or bank transactions.

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