ASME IX QW-405.2 Position variable

New updates on ASME IX – 2019: Using qualification test coupon qualified in 2G, or 1G-Rotated position can develop a WPS to weld with “All” positions in production.

asme ix 2019.png

***Flashback to the ASME IX – 2015 & older: The Supplementary essential variable QW-405.2 applies to the test weld coupon when the Notch toughness tests are required by the applicable Fabrication/ End using Codes (Ex: ASME B31.3).

In this case, the QW-405.2 will supersede the Non-essential variable QW-405.3 (Changes of weld progression), QW-405.2 becomes an essential variable and requires that a change from any position to Vertical uphill progression requiring Re-qualification of WPS. The term progression can be defined as the direction of weld metal deposition.

This applied only to the 3G, 5G, or 6G positions. In other word, Vertical welding only occurs in these test positions. Example: A 6G-downhill progression PQR can support a 5G-downhill progression WPS without requalification but a change to a 5G-uphill will require requalification.

Assume that qualifying an uphill progression will automatically qualify all positions. This is the reason why welding engineer usually prepares the 6G coupon test in PQR.

***In ASME IX-2019: The variable QW-405.2 was Deleted. So, may PQR will be utilized as mentioned subject?

It seems that the ASME IX considered that the purpose of WPS qualification was to determine the compatibility of weld metal and base metal and the Position variable is more related to welder performance as noted in performance qualification.

The deletion of this variable may lead to the lesser evaluation of welds mechanical properties, especially on toughness and corrosion resistance ability of sensitization material due to the increase of Heat input by welding in the vertical position and weaving in weld manipulation.

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