AWS CWI Questions and Answers (Module 1)

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The Below Fifteen (15) Questions are model of 2018 version

Module 1: Welding Inspection and Certification

Q1-1 Of the following, which is considered an important duty of the welding inspector?
a) It is a welding inspector’s responsibility to judge the quality of the product in
relation to some form of written specification
b) A welding inspector functions as a judicial representative of an organization.
c) A welding inspector must be able to interpret the specification limitations and intent.
d) all of the above
e) none of the above

Q1-2 Of the following, which is not considered an important attribute of a welding inspector?
a. welding experience
b. inspection experience
c. professional attitude
d. engineering experience
e. ability to be trained

Q1-3 What document describes the important requirements of the AWS Certified Welding Inspector program?
a. AWS DI.1
b. AWSA5.1
c. AWS QC1
d. AWS D14.1
e. none of the above

Q1-4 As a welding inspector, must you know how to weld?
a. yes, according to AWS D 1.1
b. yes. according to AWS QC 1
c. yes, if inspecting highway bridges
d. no, according to AWS D 1.1
e. not mandatory, according to AWS QC 1

Q1-5 When may you, as a welding inspector, speak out on matters of public policy?
a. when paid by an interested party or parties
b. anytime, if no money interest is involved
c. after disclosing all possible financial connections of the statement, criticism, or
Argument presented
d. when the statement is based upon adequate facts, upon a background of technical Competence pertinent to the subject, and upon honest conviction of the accuracy and propriety of the statement
e. Welding inspectors should never make public statements

Q1-6 Which of following are important ethical requirements for welding inspectors?
a. integrity
b. professional ability
c. good physiscal condition
d. Volunteer public statements regarding an inspetion from others

e. all above is correct

Q1-7 Of those attributes considered to be important to the welding inspector, which is probably most influential in his gaining the cooperation and respect of others with which he works?
a. ability to be trained
b. professional attitude
c. ability to complete and maintain inspection records
d. good physical condition
e. ability to interpret drawings and specifications

Q1-8 The welding inspector is likely to work in which of the following industries?
a. shipbuilding
b. automotive
c. bridge construction
d. pressure vessel construction
e. all of the above.

Q1-9 According to the requirements of the AWS CWI program, what is the necessary visual acuity of a welding inspector?
a. 20/20 natural visión
b. 20/20 corrected visión
c. 20/40 natural visión
d. 20/40 corrected visión
e. 20/40 natural or corrected vision

Q1-10 Which of the following could be considered essential knowledge for a welding inspector?
a. nondestructive testing
b. welding symbols
c. welding processes
d. destructive testing
e. all of the above

Q1-11 When a weld requires repair due to some deficiency, to whom should your inspection report be directed?
a. to the welder whose mark is on the weld
b. to another welder, better trained
c. to the project engineer
d. to the welding engineer
e. to the welding foreman or supervisor

Q1-12 What professional attributes are most helpful in performing inspection duties?
a. being informed, impartial and consistent in your decisions
b. being close friends with welders and superiors
c. being a former welder
d. being a non-union employee
e. being a nondestructive examination technician as well as CWI

Q1-13 With whom may the welding inspector communicate during the performance of his or her inspection responsibilities?
a. welding engineer
b. welding foreman
c. welders
d. inspection supervisor
e. all of the above

Q1-14 What document defines the proper terminology for use by the CWI?
b. AWSA3.0
c .AWS DI.1
d. AWSA5.1
e. none of the above

Q1-15 With regard to drawings and specifications, the CWI must:
a. be familiar with engineering drawings and able to understand specifications.
b. memorize the content
c. memorize those portions of these documents applicable to a particular job.
d. all of the above
e. none of the above

Key: ddcedabeeeeaeba

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