What is Caliper Pig – Pipeline inspection

Caliper Pig – Introduction;

Caliper Pig is a device (Tool) used for monitoring the Pipeline, especially with the underground or under water (Subsea) by Caliper Pig is then inserted into the tube (In-line Inspection) and will be run by the compressed Flow of Fluid.

Caliper Pig will have legs or Mechanical Arm to measure Inside Diameter of Pipe. Surrounding with an Odometer attached to the Caliper Pig to run inside of the pipe. Caliper Pig  or Geometry Pig can check dents (deformation)  and roundness (ovality) of the Pipeline throughout the length of the pipeline by Mechanical Arm measurements include the ability to show the location of Defect from the Odometer.

Lets see examples of the results of the survey by Caliper Pig for Underground Pipeline.

Caliper Pig is measured Inside Diameter of Pipe and display as 3D model of pipe-section with Inside Diameter, Dent area as well as the location of section that used to dig and search for repair.

And here’s the real things found by Caliper Pig:

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