Steam Trap – Thermostatic Disc Type

Steam Trap – Thermostatic Disc Type;  Steam Trap and Thermostatic Disc principle: Thermostatic of lifting the Disc – up – down to turn – off Valve. Steam Trap – Thermostatic Disc Working (HP/LP Steam); Operation ( open – closed ) of Steam Trap and Thermostatic Disc System High Pressure Steam/ Low Pressure Steam as below sample:     Continue reading Steam Trap – Thermostatic Disc Type

What is Coalescer?

Coalescer 1;  Coalescer is used to separate Emulsion substances such as water and oil (hydrocarbon). By using the unification principle of small liquid droplets into larger droplets as the material flows through the coalescer element. Coalescer 2;  The work of Coalescer will have three phases starting from filtering out the impurities ( Filtration), then the droplets will form a larger drop. (Coalescence) through multiple filters and finally, gravity will cause water droplets, which are denser than oil, to precipitate down to the bottom of the Coalescer (Separation) Coalescer 3;  Samples and looks Coalescer: Continue reading What is Coalescer?

What is Hoop Stress in pressure vessel?

Stress in Cylindrical Component 1;  Pressure or pressure within a component that is cylindrical (Cylinder) will cause stress or stress on the component, both the longitudinal stress ( Circumferential stress). Stress in Cylindrical Component 2; Considering the cylindrical Vessel and Pipe, which have the Longitudinal Weld and the Circumferential Weld, we see that the Longitudinal stress is dealt with the Circ. Weld and stresses along the circumference ( circumferential stress) are done with the Long. the Weld. Stress in Cylindrical Component 3;  Normally, the circumferential stress is twice that of the longitudinal stress observed in daily life. We will see that the sausage will always break … Continue reading What is Hoop Stress in pressure vessel?