Slip-on Flange ASME B31.3 limitation

Slip-on Flanges Limits per ASME B31.3; 

Ship on Flange 31.3.png

In the ASME B31.3 Piping Code, restrictions on slip-on flanges are specified as follows:

  1.  Use welding Double-Welded for
  •  Service that causes Severe erosion, Crevice corrosion, and Cyclic loading
  •  Service that is combustible, toxic and harmful to people
  •  Service at temperatures below -101 C

2. Do not Slip-on Flanges with Service with high pressure than ASME B16.5 Flange Class 2500.

Ship on Flange 31.3 service.png3. Avoid  Slip-on Flanges with  Service that changes the temperature up – downtime (, Many the Large Temperature Contact of Cycle), especially with  Flanges are not covered  Insulation, which will cause a change in the temperature of the  Flange and.  Pipe quickly and may lead to thermal fatigue cracking at the welding line.


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