Corrosion Rate calculation for pressure vessel and piping (API 510, 570)

Corrosion Rate for New Vessel and Service Change per API 510; 

According to API 510, “Corrosion Rate” for Pressure Vessel to be reinstalled or Pressure Vessel is changed. Service Conditions can be obtained.

  1. Use the Corrosion Rate of the Vessel that has the same or similar Service Condition
  2. The Corrosion Specialist is the person who estimates Or estimates the value from the published data such as API 581.
  3. Use the double thickness measurement to calculate the corrosion rate by the first time after the Vessel service for 3-6 months and the second time according to the appropriate period so that the value can be estimated Corrosion Rate.

Corrosion rate API 510.png



Corrosion Rate for New Piping and Service Change per API 570;

In calculating the Remaining Life of pipes in accordance with  API 570, “Corrosion Rate” for piping that is newly installed or piping with service changes can be determined by:

  1. Use the Corrosion Rate of the Vessel that has the same or similar service condition.
  2. Use the experience of the Owner / User or use the Corrosion Rate from Published Data such as API 581.
  3. Double-thickness measurement in calculating Corrosion Rate for the first time after Piping the service to be 3-6 months, and the second time for the right moment to be able to estimate the Corrosion Rate.

Corrosion rate API 570.png



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