Elbow corrosion in the piping system

When we find that Erosion or Erosion-Corrosion Occurs in our piping system. Elbow area is one of the points where Flow hits and causes Erosion / Erosion-Corrosion. The simple way of looking at the wear (Eroded) or the thickness of the Elbow lost (Local-Thin Area) is the Grid UTM (Ultrasonic Thickness Measurement). This method will. This allows us to obtain both the profile of the remaining Elbow thickness and the ability to find the lowest thickness in the area by looking at the Thickness Profile obtained.

Elbow corrosion
In the example image, use Grid UTM to check the elbow caused by Erosion from Solid Particle (Coke) in Fluid Stream during the Decoking process of Ethylene Cracking Furnace. 


In another example of the Grid UTM area Outside radius of Elbow before the Pressure Vessel: Which Erosion / Erosion-Corrosion due Line as Line Water Condensate behind the Control Valve and Condensate Flow Control Valve. There was then some vaporization causing Two-phase & Turbulent Flow in the pipe behind the Control Valve and Erosion / Erosion-Corrosion.

Elbow corrosion 1

In this case, after we made Grid UTM, we found that the profile of the Elbow thickness is less than the acceptable value. So we cut and change the Elbow and find the Eroded Area on the inside of the Elbow as in the below picture.

Elbow corrosion 2

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