IMO Sulphur Regulation

Ocean freight is by far the most sustainable shipping alternative. However, there are still things we can do to make it even cleaner and greener. The International Maritime Organization (IMO) has implemented a new global Sulphur limitation on fuel used … Continue reading IMO Sulphur Regulation

What is Shear Stress?

Why are shear stress equations necessary? This article looks at some examples of shear stress equations: average shear stress, beam shear. What are the basics of shear stress? Whenever two materials rub against or slide over each other, there is shear. While normal stress results from the force applied perpendicular to the surface of a material, shear stress occurs when force is applied parallel to the surface of the material. A common example include the cutting of paper with scissors. Shear stress differs across materials and cross-sections, and is measured using a set of formulas called the shear stress equations. … Continue reading What is Shear Stress?

Steam trap design in piping system

Why does a Steam Heat Exchanger or any Steam Heater have a Steam Trap: 1st reason: On Outlet line, Steam-out of the Heat Exchanger may also heat or condensated at Steam outlet, therefore, a Steam Trap at Outlet line of Heat Exchanger for trap the Steam to condense into water  before forwarding it to condensate main line (Saving Steam). 2nd reason: The Steam on the Heat Exchanger may be Water Condensate contaminated, so they have to set Steam Trap with Steam Inlet line to prevent damage from Two-phase flow steam erosion occurred in Heat Exchanger. (Corrosion/Errosion Protection) Example of Steam … Continue reading Steam trap design in piping system

What is RT film Density ?

RT Film Density Definition;  Intensity (Density) of the Film from the Radiography Testing (RT) refers to the darkness of the RT film as measured by the amount of light that can penetrate RT film came to light that indicates that the Film with density is low, but if. Low light means that the film has a high density. RT Film Density Measurement; Measuring the intensity (Density) of the Film from the Radiography Testing (RT) can be achieved. Using a Densitometer to measure the amount of light that penetrates directly through the RT film, the device will display the number of film intensity Use Standard Film with different levels of intensity (Step Wedge Comparison Film) to compare with the intensity of our RT film … Continue reading What is RT film Density ?

Pressure Safety Valve Calibration, Maintenance

A Simple Pressure Safety Valve Calibration Procedure One of the simplest but most important instruments that I encounter which are used not for displaying or monitoring the process, but for safety, it is the pressure safety valves. When I was just starting out as a cal tech, looking at it installed in a tank makes me curious about its usage. You cannot see any actions or output display as a sign of its operation. In this post, I will present the following: What is a safety valve? Its difference with a relief valve Why do we need to calibrate a … Continue reading Pressure Safety Valve Calibration, Maintenance

What is Load test Safety Factor and Proof Test for Lifting devices?

What is the safe working load (SWL)? Safe Working Load (SWL) is the limiting safety factor to lift and carry any load safely. It must be clearly marked on any lifting device (hoist, lifts, lifting machines, and lifting tackles). Marking System of Safe Working Load Lifting equipment should have a tally plate indicating the Safe Working Load. The tally plate also indicates the identification number which can be mentioned in the test certificate held by the user. It should also indicate the date of the last inspection. Safe Working Load ( Or WLL) of different types of sling are given in … Continue reading What is Load test Safety Factor and Proof Test for Lifting devices?