What is RT film Density ?

RT Film Density Definition; 

Intensity (Density) of the Film from the Radiography Testing (RT) refers to the darkness of the RT film as measured by the amount of light that can penetrate RT film came to light that indicates that the Film with density is low, but if. Low light means that the film has a high density.

RT film density.png

RT Film Density Measurement;

Measuring the intensity (Density) of the Film from the Radiography Testing (RT) can be achieved.

  1. Using a Densitometer to measure the amount of light that penetrates directly through the RT film, the device will display the number of film intensity
  2. Use Standard Film with different levels of intensity (Step Wedge Comparison Film) to compare with the intensity of our RT film

RT film density 2.png

RT Film Density Criteria per ASME V; 

ASME Section V the RT film has to be dark (Density), and the difference of intensity as required so that it can be seen welding and Defect on Film is clear.

RT film density 3.png

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