What is Piping Leak test


Prior to initial operation, and after completion of the applicable examinations required by para. 341, each piping system shall be tested to ensure tightness.

General Requirements for Leak Tests
Requirements in para. 345.2 applies to more than one type of leak test.

Preparation for Leak Test: 345.3  will be followed as below guide chart:


How many Types of LEAK TEST?

+ Para 345.4 Hydrostatic Leak Test

Para 345.5 Pneumatic Leak Test

Para 345.6 Hydrostatic-Pneumatic Leak Test

Para 345.7 Initial Service Leak Test

Para 345.8 Sensitive Leak Test

Para 345.9 Alternative Leak Test


+ Para 346 RECORDS

Document refer ASME B31.3 – 2019

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