Piping erosion by Steam

Erosion by Steam and Condensate; 

Erosion or erosion by Steam and Steam Condensate is caused by Steam / Condensate In our system, a two-phase state occurs: Steam vapor is mixed with condensate water. The reason why the two-phase is caused by:

  1. The steam loses heat and energy from running through pipes causing condense to be liquid condensate.
  2. Using Steam to heat exchangers in Heat exchanger devices causes liquid condensate to occur.
  3. Condensate water in the system is able to evaporate ( flash ) to steam vapor when the pressure in the pipe changes from high to low pressure, such as at the Steam Trap outlet.

Erosion in Piping 4.png

Continue to read the case failures happened on the stream:

Erosion in Refinery, Petrochemical Plant

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