What is Coalescer or coalescence filter?

Coalescer 1; 

Coalescer is used to separate Emulsion substances such as water and oil (hydrocarbon). By using the unification principle of small liquid droplets into larger droplets as the material flows through the coalescer element.

What is Coalescer.png

Coalescer 2; 

The work of Coalescer will have three phases starting from filtering out the impurities ( Filtration), then the droplets will form a larger drop(Coalescence) through multiple filters and finally, gravity will cause water droplets, which are denser than oil, to precipitate down to the bottom of the Coalescer (Separation)

What is Coalescer 2.png

Coalescer 3; 

Samples and looks Coalescer:

What is Coalescer 3.png

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