How to inspect steam trap on piping system

Steam Trap Inspection – Visual and Sound Summary for relieve open system;

To check the Steam Trap, an Open System by observing ( the Visual ) function and sound ( A Sound) to indicate a malfunction of Steam Trap or not.

How to inspect Steam trap 1.png

Steam Trap Inspection – Visual; 

Visual inspection of the steam trap is by looking at the external conditions to see if the steam trap has leaks at various points or not. Second, observe the behavior of the steam trap, which can indicate problems with the steam trap , such as lack of ventilation. Condensate water , large amounts of steam flow out of the steam trap, while the steam trap is closed, live steam ejects, etc

How to inspect Steam trap.png

Steam Trap Inspection – Overview;

Monitoring Steam Trap to determine whether Steam trap can continue to function as a viable ( drain Condensate without compromising Live Steam) of it or not. That is, there must not be a Live Steam Leak from the Steam Trap and must not be clogged with condensate water that needs to be drained. This can be done by visual observation, measuring the temperature of the Steam Trap, measuring the sound or vibration of the Steam Trap, or using a variety of methods.

How to inspect Steam trap 2.png

Steam Trap Inspection – Sound; 

To check the Steam Trap, by listening to the sound (Sound) of Steam Trap is the sound of Live steam leaked to the sound frequency or higher. The sound of  he condensate water flow. There is an ultrasonic tool to help listen to the sound of the Steam Trap . Including expanding and adjusting the sound of the Steam Trap more clearly.

How to inspect Steam trap 3.png

Steam Trap Inspection – Example of a Leaking Steam Trap; 

An example of a Thermostatic Disc Steam Trap where Valve is open will release steam and condensate water all the time

How to inspect Steam trap 4.png

Steam Trap Inspection – Temperature (Thermoscan); 

Sample images of Infrared Radiography (Thermoscan) of Steam Trap at different conditions

How to inspect Steam trap 5.png

Steam Trap Inspection – Temperature; 

Checking the Steam Trap by looking at the temperature of the Steam Trap can indicate an abnormality of the Steam Trap by looking at the Inlet Temperature of the Steam Trap. If the temperature is significantly lower than Steam , it may is indicative of the Block of Steam Trap.

How to inspect Steam trap 6.png

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