AWS CWI Questions and Answers (Module 12)

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Module 12: Inspection Reports

Q12-1 Once inspections are completed, what important aspect of the inspector’s job must be accomplished?
a. tell the foreman that the weld is acceptable
b. tell the supervisor that the inspection is complete
c. fill out an inspection report detailing his findings
d. all of the above
e. none of the above

Q12-2 Which of the following is not normally required of inspection reports?
a. inspector’s signature
b. an indication of only those parts which were acceptable
c. they should be clear and concise
d. they should be filled out in ink
e. none of the above

Q12-3 What authorship is attached to inspection report forms?
a. the inspector’s signature
b. the welder’s signature
c. the welding supervisor’s signature
d. Forms are anonymously presented.
e. Forms are not signed.

Q12-4 What handy report forms are available from AWS?
a. Appendix E of AWS D1.1
b. Appendix I of AWS D1.1
c. Appendix O of AWS D1.1
d. AWS QC 1
e. ASME N-1 Form

Q12-5 You have made a numerical mistake on a report form. How should it be corrected?
a. An experienced inspector will use a pencil so such errors can be erased and corrected.
b. As an inspector-in-training, such errors need not be corrected.
c. To keep the report legal and credible, the error should be crossed out and the
correction added adjacent to the error and noted complete with initials and date of
d. The report must be completely rewritten.
e. none of the above

Q12-6 How are errors in writing corrected in written reports?
a. crossed out
b. erased with an ink eraser
c. entire page must be rewritten
d. crossed out, corrected, initialed and dated
e. none of the above

Q12-7 Who is authorized to sign off ASME data report forms?
a. the authorized inspector who performed inspection
b. an authorized keeper of the code stamp
c. an officer or manager of the company
d. any of the above
e. both a and b above

Q12-8 How are opinions on workmanship or suggestions for repair usually reported?
a. Comments are written in chalk on the work.
b. by unstructured reports
c. Provisions for such comments are contained in structured reports.
d. Inspectors are forbidden to offer such comments.
e. none of the above

Key: dbaacdab

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