What is PRV valve Trevitest ?

PRV Testing – Trevitest (Principle); 

Trevitest Test Set Pressure of the Pressure Relief Valve (PRV) with On-Line while PRV are In-Service without adding (Build up) the pressure in the whole system approaching the Set Pressure.

The Trevitest test kit uses the Hydraulic Lift Assist Device to help push the spindle of the PRV to overcome the spring force without increasing the pressure in the system and calculate the set pressure of the PRV using the pressure in the system.

Valve Trevitest.png

PRV Testing – Trevitest (Tools Setup);

Examples of tools and installation of Trevitest test  kits installed on the Pressure Relief Valve at the site:

Valve Trevitest 2.png


PRV Testing – Trevitest (Result Interpretation); 

Interpretation of Trevitest  test results is done by using the software that comes with the test kit. It uses data (Design) of the Pressure Relief Valve (PRV), pressure in the system ( In-line Pressure), the pulling force used to help lift Spindle/Disc, position and lift distance Spindle/Disc, and medium Fluid through Valve at Outlet Nozzle with all this information will be input to Software then calculate Set Pressure of PRV.

Valve Trevitest 3.png

Valve Trevitest 4.png


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