What is Caustic corrosion cracking

External Evidence of Caustic Leaking;

Carbon Steel Piping used for Caustic Service (NaOH content) may be damaged by Caustic Cracking, especially in areas with welded and discrete areas that have high stress. Caustic leaks or leaks from the cracks will look like White salt, which can be seen with the naked eye. Therefore, when doing an external visual inspection for Caustic Piping, don’t forget to look for “White Salt” which is an Evidence that indicates that our Caustic pipe is leaking.

caustic corrosion.png

External Evidence of Caustic Leaking – Caustic Cracking on Socket Welded Piping; 

Example of Caustic leakage from Caustic (NaOH) Injection Piping ‘s Fillet Weld, caused by Caustic Stress Corrosion Cracking. The leaked Caustic will be white salt which adheres to the skin. Pipes and can be seen with the naked eye Let’s take a closer look at Line Caustic.

caustic corrosion 2.png

MT, PT Examination – Caustic Cracking on Socket Welded Piping; 

When we find that there is no leakage of Caustic from cracks in the welding of Piping, which will see a salt crust, white ( to White the Salt ) island ( see the picture on it ) we should investigate further. With Magnetic Particle (MT) or Liquid Penetrant (PT) Examination at the adjacent welding area To demonstrate the seam Crack caused Caustic Stress Corrosion Cracking and make repairs.

caustic corrosion 3.png

External Evidence of Caustic Leaking – Caustic Cracking on Nozzle of Caustic Tank; 

Another example of Caustic leakage and White Salt is on the surface of the Caustic Storage Tank ‘s Outlet Nozzle caused by Caustic Stress Corrosion Cracking. Cracks occur at the Nozzle to Shell and Flange to Nozzle which is a high stress area and discontinuous ( API RP 572: The more susceptible areas are around nozzles and in or next to welded seams )

caustic corrosion 4.png


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