Welding process terminology BS EN ISO 4063

The European standard, BS EN ISO 4063:2010 Welding and allied processes – Nomenclature of processes and reference numbers, assigns a unique number to the main welding processes. These are grouped as follows:

  • Arc welding
  • Resistance welding
  • Gas welding
  • Forge welding
  • Other welding processes
  • Brazing, soldering and braze welding

Each process is identified within the group by a numerical index or reference number. For example, the MIG welding process has a reference number of 131 which is derived as follows:

  • 1 – Arc welding
  • 3 – Gas-shielded metal arc welding
  • 1 – Metal arc inert gas welding

The main arc welding process reference numbers are:

  • 111 manual metal arc welding;
  • 114 self-shielded tubular-cored arc welding;
  • 121 submerged arc welding with one wire electrode;
  • 125 submerged arc welding with tubular cored electrode;
  • 131 metal inert gas welding (MIG welding);
  • 135 metal active gas welding (MAG welding);
  • 136 tubular cored metal arc welding with active gas shield;
  • 141 tungsten inert gas arc welding (TIG welding);
  • 15 plasma arc welding;

The reference numbers are used as a convenient way of identifying the welding process in documentation such as welding procedures (BS EN ISO 15614 series) and welder qualification (BS EN 287 and BS EN 9606 series) records.

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