HDPE Piping (Theory, Features, Heat Fusion, etc.)

1. What is HDPE?

  • High Density Polyethylene
  • Synthetic resin prepared by polymerizing ethylene
  • One of the general-purpose plastics used a lot in everyday life

2. Features and Application

1) Features: excellent weather resistance, environmental stress cracking resistance, water pressure resistance and workability.

2) Use: General sewer pipe (firefighters in domestic apartments, etc.-screw-in, plant UG-Heat Fusion)

※ Weather resistance: Withstands various climates. Difficulty rusting.

※  Environmental Stress Cracking Resistance

3. Heat Fusion

  • Construction: Fusion Weld Machine = HDPE Welding Machine-Electrofusion Machine, etc.  Each company has a different name but the principle is similar.

If the machine is installed according to the procedure, it will be attached automatically. (There are also machines that apply pressure by pulling the lever manually.)

        If necessary, process the surface to hold the pipe and align it, 

        If the pipes are heated and melted, they stick when pressure is applied. 

  • Production Test: According to  ASTM D-2657 (Heat Fusion Joining of Polyolefin Pipe and Fittings-ASME calls this standard), the recommended non-destructive test for actual integrity  is UT, but none of them do. VT 100%. 
  • Bead width is 2~2.5 times the height of beads protruding from the pipe
  • The shape of the bead is rounded along the circumference of the pipe and the size is uniformly sized.
  • The bead between the bead and the bead is less than half the height of the bead protruding from the pipe.

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