What is Defence Engineering and How Is It Different?

Engineering is a career with a wide variety of specializations. Everything around you is built or designed by someone with the help of a professional.

One of these professionals is a defence engineer, specifically trained to build, design, or simply aid in the creation of material and technology that helps maintain peace all over the globe.

Here, we discuss in detail what defence engineers are, what they do, what makes them different, and how Bendtech Defence works with them to create and develop solutions for their clients.

What Is Defence Engineering?

Defence engineers create and develop the technology needed to defend and protect countries all over the globe. This job makes them indispensable in keeping the peace, security, and stability in any nation.

Nations of the modern world use military equipment and arms to act as deterrents against conflict, invasion, and attacks. Defence engineers help their nation’s military technology advance and progress to get all the defensive advantage they can get to keep war at bay.

A defence engineer is assigned at the forefront of the creation process of every armoured vehicle, tank, warship, and fighter plane. These engineers are present every step of the way, from finding problems to research and prototype creation.

Although governments use the equipment made by defence engineers, they are often not the ones to hire the designers. In most cases, private companies work closely with defence engineers to design, develop, and produce the technology so that they can sell it to governments.

This working relationship between governments and corporations keeps invention and innovation alive and prosperous. This is because a myriad of technological defence companies compete to secure valuable contracts.

What Do Defence Engineers Do?

As mentioned before, defence engineers are deeply involved in the creation of equipment and arms that keep conflict at bay. In short, these professionals are at the front of the creation process of military technology.

A defence engineer’s job depends on what is needed or what the project is. As such, they can be found in dockyards, shipyards, air bases, at sea, or at a testing facility.

Engineers will first determine the problem that clients are looking to solve, and conduct research to look into all the possibilities and methods of addressing and solving the issues at hand. Once the research is done, they can proceed to the next big steps: designing, creating, and testing their solutions.

Once the testing is complete and the problem is solved, defence engineers can present their creations to their clients. When the client provides feedback, the engineer goes back to the worktable to fulfil the client’s needs.

What Makes It Different From Other Kinds Of Engineering?

Defence engineering is not necessarily different from other kinds of engineering. Defence engineers focus on the creation and improvement of equipment and technology. In the field of defence, there is a high demand for exciting innovations and pushing boundaries of what is possible.

What makes defence engineering different is in the field these innovative technologies are applied. The area of defence engineering arguably has the highest stakes out of all engineering fields, as there is no room for mistakes when it comes to defending a nation and the lives of its people.

Virtually all kinds of engineers can participate in defence engineering. The field requires the aid of chemical, aeronautics, civil, mechanical, electrical, electric, and other kinds of engineers.

The field of defence engineering is also unique as it is prevalent in times of dire need. As the saying goes, necessity is the mother of invention.

These times of need include World War I and II. These wars are eras of high demand for creative solutions and technological advancements. Consider that for the past centuries, there was no such thing as a tank in wars. However, the first tank was created in 1915 and went into the battlefield in 1916.

Tanks and other future military inventions created a new way of waging war, created by the brilliant defence engineers of the time.

Although the twenty-first century has not seen times of mass-scale international conflicts, defence engineers are still heeding the call for continuous innovation and development. For example, unmanned aerial drones are still in the early stages of development, but could create a new way of waging war in the future just as their ancestors did.

These technologies require huge budgets to design and develop, which is why we often see a trickle-down effect with technology. Civilians can now own affordable consumer-grade drones, thanks to the developments and talents of defence engineers and contractors over the years.

Bendtech Defence And Working With Defence Engineers

Engineering products require effective and efficient technology using the least amount of resources possible. As such, we collaborate with defence engineers to find the best way to create a product that is to be produced at the scale the users need.

At Bendtech Defence, we work closely with clients to create solutions to their problems. This means working hand-in-hand with defence engineers to understand and analyse product requirements to find a valuable, viable, cost-efficient solution for the clients’ needs.

Here, defence engineers help design, manufacture, and supply a variety of defence equipment for use in the air, land, and sea. Whether it is a standard workbench and toolbox or custom-designed infrastructure, we can design, engineer, and fabricate it to your exact specifications.

To learn more about our products and how we can help, get in touch with the Bendtech Defence team today.

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