What is ASM International?

ASM Metal Handbook ( preface )ASMASM International is brief understanded as the American Society  for  Steel Treating (later the American Society  for Metals, now ASM  International) published  a  small collection  of  data sheets–the first  edition  of  what  became  known  as Metals  Handbook. The series  has  developed  over  the  years  into  a multivolume collection  of  reference  books–each  volume  a  thorough,  comprehensive,  and  authoritative  treatise  on  the subject to  which  it  is  devoted.  The  series–now  titled  ASM  Handbook–continues  to  evolve  and  expand  to  serve  the changing needs of metallurgy professionals throughout the world. The ASM Handbook series had grown to 20 current volumes. The Desk Edition was edited by Joseph R. Davis.

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The Metals  Handbook  Desk  Edition  is  intended  to  serve  as  a  comprehensive  single-volume  reference  source  on  the  properties,  selection,  processing,  testing,  and  characterization  of  metals  and  their  alloys.  Although  the  information  presented  in  this  Volume  is  drawn  principally  from  the  20  volumes  of  the  ASM  Handbook  series,  it  should  not  be  considered  simply  an  abridged  version  of  the  larger  work.

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