Welding Inspector & WPS (PART 4)




Key Notes:

* For the ASME PQR running without CVN impact test:

Any PQR position can qualified for ALL position. (QW 203)

* For the ASME PQR running with CVN impact test:

It’s advised to run PQR 6G (or 3G, 5G) position for qualifying all the positions of piping welding onsite/workshop. Hence, there will be no any issue later on.

* For the AWS D1.1 PQR, to qualified all position, at least Three (3) PQR 2G/3G/4G qo be carried out as per Tab 4.1

But there’re still flexibility gap if the project can optimize the Rule of construction like ABS/DNV/BV –> Two Highest/Lowest Heat input positions (3G/2G) PQR can qualify for all positions.

Note: the others position like Special position or 6GR will be discussed in separate topic with T-Y-K tubular joint (AWS D1.1 only)! 


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