flush 1

  1. Range of Application

This test is to clean pipes inside of M/E L.O serv’ system, M/E & G/E F.O serv’ system, stern tube L.O system, and hydraulic oil system.

  1. Purpose

This test is to heat and pump flushing oil or system oil and circulate through pipes. Circulating through pipes removes substances such as rust, dust, slga and grit using filter installed inside. The test helps devices to clean themselves and protect from aging and damaging, and also to lengthen the span of life of the machines.

  1. Flushing Line and the General Fact

1) Stern Tube L.O System

ⓐ Do disguised piping based on related diagram. Connect pipes so that flushing oil can circulate with proper pressure and flush every line

ⓑ Install air vibrator to remove foreign substance completely during the flushing. The system must be protected from the pre-outfitting step based on proper standard of sealing

ⓒ Starting from trial, fill in the flushing check sheet and submit it in the owner inspection process

ⓓ During the test, check the filter by opening pump side filter in very careful manner. (Especially, check if there is steel dust in it)

flush 2

2) Main L.O system, M/E & G/E F.O Service System

ⓐ Do disguised piping based on related diagram. Flush pipes using system oil. Other steps are the same in case of stern tube L.O system

3) Hydraulic Oil System : Do disguised piping and flush pipes using system oil. Owner inspection is normally skipped, however the framo service engineer does the test. For other hydraulic system lines, owner inspection is perforemd at yard.

  1. Check Point

1) Heating Temperature : To melt rust-proof oil. The temperature has to be around 60℃ Temperature

flush 3

2) Check if air vibrator is installed in order to remove foreign substances in the .

flush 4

3) Check time, pressure, filter and temperature, and then fill out the flushing check

flush 5

  • Check Flow meter:

flush 10

4) Check if the pipes are connected properly as shown in the diagram. Compare the actual pipes and the ones in diagram

flush 6

5) Open the oil filter and check the condition of the filter to decide if the test is passed or failed. If owner requests sample analysis, collect sample oil and analyze it, and then decide the result based on related provisions

flush 7

  • Check Magnet:

flush 8

  • Check filter condition:

flush 9

6) Take oil for testing / analysis base on vendor information.

flush 11

Summary: The purpose of oil flushing is to make sure the pipelines and operation oil is clean and free from contamination. Normally oil flushing is carrying out after the chemical flushing and for some pipelines only oil flushing is carries out.

Pls refer other part: Pipe Flushing


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