CSWIP 3.1: Part 3 – Welding Terminology and Definitions

weld 6

We need to know these tern & define as below:

1) What is a Weld?

  • A union between materials caused by heat, and or pressure
  • Joint weld:

weld 7

  • Types of weld Preparation:

weld 13

weld 14

  • Weld Zone Terminology:
    weld 15

wewld 31

  • Butt Weld Features:

weld 18

  • Fillet Weld Features:

weld 19

2) What is a Joint?

A configuration of members
– Types of Joint type:

weld 8

– Types of Joint Preparation:

weld 11

weld 12

3) Welding Positions: 

weld 29

weld 30


QU 1. Sketch a single-U butt joint and indicate the following
a. Root face b.Root gap c.Included angle d. Root radius

See above

QU 2. Sketch a tee joint, fillet welded and indicate the following
a. Leg length b.Throat thickness c. Root d. Weld toes

See above

QU 3. Sketch five joint types in addition to a butt joint

See above

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