Welder qualification follow ASME IX- Part 3: How to carry out a Welder qualification!!!

Now we will continue these steps to carry out Qualify Welder!

Welder qualification to perform the work follows an Approved WPS ( welding procedure specification. It has some steps as below:

1)  Code & standard apply for testing:

In this case we use: ASME IX


2) Witness for Welder testing:

Each performance qualification welder testing shall be done under full supervise and control by a third party. Normally, it is Classification ( ABS / BV/ DNV-GL, LR, KR… )

This party have to sign on welder card / welder cert after the welder pass examination.

3)  Train The Welder For The Process To Be Qualified:
– Welder is trained to know skill in performing the Welding Process.
– He need have knowledge in
 operation of machine, precautions in storage & usage of consumable, defects in welding, their causes and remedy.
– He practice welding in the particular position in which he is to be tested / qualified.

4) Testing procedure:

  • Check WPS what is used for qualificaiton
  • Check Essential variable for Welder testing: pls see Part 2:

Welder qualification follow ASME IX- Part 2: Essential Variable for Welder Qualification!

5)  Preparation Of Test Coupon:




– Prepare A Test Coupon Out of 300 х 150 х (t) mm CS Plates/pipe: min length at least 150mm
– Angle, Root Face & Root Opening Shall Be As Per The WPS
– Provide Run in & Run Out Coupon & Fix the Test Coupon In Any One Of The Positions To Be Qualified.
– Weld The Groove Fully In The Position
– All Welding Variables Shall be Strictly Within The Qualified WPS

6) Base metal/welding material:

To follow WPS

7) Testing position:

weld 43
weld 45
weld 41

8) Diameter of test coupon:


9) Thickness qualify:

weld 31

10) Fillet weld test:


11) Acceptance criterial:

+ Visual:

+ DT or NDT

Pls see previous part:

Welder qualification follow ASME IX- Part 1: Genenral

12) Expiration and Renewal of Qualification:

– QW-320 covers the requirements for retesting and renewing welder qualification


– QW-322 Expiration and Renewal of Qualification:

  • When the welder has not welded with the process within 6 months
  • When there is a specific reason to question his ability to make welds that met the specifications

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