Pressure and temperature ratings take into account function and price to help our customers easily select the most suitable pipe, fittings, valves for their work.
The pressure and temperature ratings refer to the relation between the fluid temperature and the maximum pressure each piping component can withstand at that temperature. Products are grouped by material, and each is shown with its rating.



Pipe is designed as Thickness and Schedule, there’s no any standard pressure rating for particular pipe but the Calculation guideline

There are two way to select the pipe which can withstand the maximum working pressure of system.

Solution 1: Choose the pipe from Vendor’s selection guide:

JIS Pipe system
ASME Pipe system

Solution 2: Calculation the pipe thickness that suite the max.working pressure base on Code guideline, then choose the Pipe with reasonable schedule.

Ref :

EN 13480-3 : 2012 Issue 1 (UK)

ASME B31.3 : 2012 (US)

DIN 2413 : 2011-06 (GERMAN)

Input data: Pipe diameter, Pipe material ( find out the Max.stress allowable from code ), Max.working pressure, Safety factor.

Output data: Pipe thickness  and you can find the proper schedule with assigned diameter.

Additional knowledge: From this proficient calculation, you may resolve the problems with impact test exemption during making WPS/WPQR.



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