Capacity Plan


A plan of the spaces available for cargo, fuel, freshwater, water ballast, etc, and containing cubic or weight capacity lists for such spaces and a scale showing deadweight capacities at varying draughts and displacements.

Visit: Shipbuilding Knowledge A-Z for more understanding on shipbuilding

DWT Scale

This scale also shows the moment to change trim 1 cm and the TPC for each draught; a diagram with measurements of winter, summer, tropical and freshwater load-line with a diagram of the position of the deck line; this is usually placed alongside the deadweight and displacement scale so that the deadweight or displacement can be found for any load-line at a glance; grain and bale capacity of all cargo spaces in cubic feet or cubic metres and the position of the centre of gravity of the space; bale capacity of all cargo spaces in cubic feet or cubic metres; capacity in cubic metres and tonnes of double bottom tanks, peak tanks, deep tanks and fuel tanks and the positions of the centre of gravity of these spaces; capacity of all stores and refrigerating chambers

scale 2.png

It would be difficult and inconvenient to gather all this information and place them on one plan in a clear and legible manner. In addition, all these pieces of information can be found on various other drawings. To avoid repeating data and multiplying existing documents it is recommended to create a Capacity Plan as a set of documents listed below:

1. General Part

2. Coordinate System

3. Draught Marks

4. Load Line Mark and Deadweight Scale

5. Tank Space Information

6. Cargo Space Information

scale 3.png
Example of Lub.Tank Weighing plan

To learn more detail in full detailed DWG of SHIP CAPACITY PLAN & DEADWEIGHT SCALE. Please contact for purchasing the high-quality product (PDF format).


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