AWS D1.1 Table 4.5 para 32 variable


Refer Doc: AWS D1.1 Table 4.5, welding variables

Continue on the explanation of requirement on AWS D1.1 – Joint design variable:

AWS D1.1 Table 4.5 Para 32: A change in the type of groove to a square groove and vice versa.


PQR mentioned V- groove (CJP) with backing/gouging:

In this case, you can change WPS to Square groove applying at site, Square groove (PJP) without backing or with backing/gouging (CJP) depend on Fabrication drawing as designed for that joint (If the drawing stated that is PJP, the PJP should be followed the prequalified PJP, Figure 3.2 for assuring the penetration percentage is countable for design ability on structure allowable stress). Refer to Table 4.5 Para 31.

Secrete: Except for PJP tubular (type 2), the PJP joint is most design for low-stress structure such as support, electric accessory, small plate, guider, barriers, ect., which are not important and affecting to main structure integrity), so that a big project always make a WPS with supporting PQR ran with CJP for cover all type of joint. There’s will be no more headache for clarifying what is CJP, PJP or non-tubular (type 1) or tubular structure (type 2). Nevertheless, all type of joints but it must follow the dimension tolerance as defined in Para 33.

If your PQR mentioned V-groove (PJP) without backing/gouging. You cannot change to Square groove in WPS applying at site, even the prequalified square groove (PJP) as defined in figure 3.2, and of course not for any square groove (CJP) as defined in figure 3.3. Also, refer to para 31, WPS with PJP joints will have its limitation on joint types at site.

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