What is Rupture Disc?

Rupture Disk; 

Rupture Disk is a pressure relief device that does not close. (Nonreclosing) by releasing the pressure when the Disk breaks ( Burst) at Burst Pressure

Rupture Disk is often used together with Pressure Relief Valve (PRV) to prevent corrosion from the process fluid touching PRV.

What is Rupture disk.png

Rupture Disk – Installation; 

  • The Rupture disk installation is directly between the Rupture disk and the PRV. There must be a Vent Pipe or Pressure Gauge to check if the Disk is leaking or cracking.
  • When we remove the disk for inspection or maintenance, the PRV should replace the disk because the Disk is easily damaged. Therefore, re-use may cause Disk to fail to function and damage before the deadline.

What is Rupture disk 2.png

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