Certification Mark UV, U, V stamp (ASME VIII)

Certification Mark of Section VIII PRV (UV Stamp);

The Pressure Relief Valve (PRV) designed according to ASME Section VIII regulations will be stamped with the symbol “UV “.

Certification marking UV ASme VIII.png

Required Marks on Nameplate of ASME Section VIII Vessels; 

Marking on the Nameplate of ASME Section VIII (“U” Stamp) Pressure Vessels must have at least Vessel information as in the picture below:

U Stamp ASME VIII.png

Certification Mark of ASME Section VIII Vessel (U Stamp);

Pressure Vessels designed and built according to ASME Section VIII regulations must be stamped with the symbol ” U “.

U Stamp ASME VIII 3.png

U Stamp ASME VIII 2.png

Certification Mark of ASME Section I PRV (“V” Stamp); 

Pressure Relief Valve (PRV) designed in accordance with ASME Section I (Power boiler) requirements. Power Boiler must be stamped with the symbol ” V “. Therefore, when going to PRV, do not forget to watch the marking of stamp.

V stamp of PRV ASME I.png

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