What is PRV pop test? (Popping test)

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PRV Testing – Pop Test; 

“Pop Test” is a set pressure test of Pressure Relief Valve (PRV) by compressing the pressure into the inlet of PRV until Valve opens. The pressure that causes Valve to open (Pressure) will be compared with the Set pressure of the PRV to see how Valve open pressure on the set or not.

PRV pop test Set pressure.png
Pop Test pressure = Set Pressure Test

See What is Set Pressure, and CDTP at shop test: What is Cold Differential Test Pressure (CDTP)

PRV Testing – Pop Test Acceptance Criteria ASME VIII; 

Acceptance Criteria for Pop Test or Set Pressure Test according to ASME Section VIII and Section I allow Pressure Relief Valve (PRV) to have Tolerance of Opening Pressure from Set Pressure up to the value in the table divided by Set Pressure of PRV.

PRV pop test Set pressure ASME VIII.png

PRV – Set Pressure Tolerances per ASME Section I; 

Pressure Relief Valve (PRV) is designed to be opened to release pressure (Relief Overpressure) at Set Pressure is set, which follows the Requirement of ASME Section I Power Boiler to Pressure Relief Valve (PRV) is a deviation ( of Tolerance) of Opening. Pressure from Set Pressure not exceeding the value in the table divided by Set Pressure of the PRV.

Open pressure and Set pressure of PRV tolerance.png

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