AWS D1.1 2020 Changed notes

Below is a summary of the material changes made to the 2020 edition of AWS D1.1.

  1. Format changes – moving to 11 clauses from 9. This change was made to improve clarity and it includes the addition of reference tables, formatting to mimic the normal progression of welding procedure qualification, as well as other updates to improve ease of use.
  2. Additional requirements are added when using shielding gases for use with prequalified welding procedures.
  3. Revision of the requirements for the qualification of WPSs using waveform technology (Heat input, auto-calculation, and record.)
  4. Revisions made to the qualification requirements for inspection personnel (VT level 2 can become a Welding Inspector in general)
  5. Addition of digital radiography to radiographic testing (Additional of advanced NDT RT).
  6. NDT-RT: Changes to the equation for geometric unsharpness (radiographic testing) to match the equation in ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code, Section V, Article 2.
  7. Additional requirements of manufacturer ID to be present on headed studs and deformed anchor bars.
  8. Removal of calculations for static strength of welded tubular structures in deference to AISC design provisions
  9. Addition of Annex addressing phased array ultrasonic testing

Reference:  AWS D1.1/D1.1M:2020 Structural Welding Code – Steel

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