WPS understanding – Part 2


We will continue for remain variable:

Example WPS for refer:

wps c

wps f

I. Filler metals: for user purpose – just follow & take correct welding consumable, filler metal. We need take note the below table to know what variable is essential ( any difference if it is essential, will not allow ).

wps d

wps e

wps g

J. Position:

wps 1a


K. Post weld heat treatment

wps 1c

L. Preheat:

wps 1d

M. Gas: 

wps 1e

wps 1f

  • “Trailing” is generally given to the term where a trailing shield is used when using the GTAW process and most likely used for the welding of titanium, the trailing shield contains the shielding gas over the completed weld bead for a longer period of time than it would otherwise be shielded by the torch cup and allows the weld bead to cool below it’s critical temperature before subjecting it to atmospheric exposure.
  • “Backing” gas is the term to describe the application of a shielding gas to protect the other side of a welded joint while welding is taking place on the front side of the same joint, generally used when welding open-root pipe joints, but not always, and applied to a variety of materials, titanium, monel, inconel, stainless steels, chrome-moly, and a host of others, once again relative to the GTAW process and possibly a few others.
  • “Shielding” gas would describe the application to a variety of processes where the function of the gas is to protect the weld pool from atmospheric contamination during the welding process and in many instances to aid in the heat transfer, more so or less, and weld penetration characteristics and profile of the applied weld.

N. Electrical characteristic:

wps 1g

P. Technique: pls take care the note in WPS & Technique. It is importance to make good welding seam.


wps 1h

Pls refer to: Welding understanding – Part 1.

For more understand: pls find relates topics ( Welding techinical ) in this blog. Thanks!!!

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