Accommodation Ladder & Pilot Ladder

An accommodation ladder is a portable ladder hinged to a platform attached to the side of a ship and which can be positioned to provide access between ship and shore. Telescopic accommodation ladder is used for covering a long distance between the vessel and port quay. According to amendments to SOLAS Convention ships constructed on or after 1 January, 2010 shall be provided with means of embarkation on and disembarkation from ships for use in port, such as gangway and accommodation ladders


Applicable Scope
This inspection standard shall be applied to ACC. ladder onboard test carried out in the inner wall after the launching of a ship.

Definition of Term
Accommodation ladder: A stair type ladder used to board the ship from the outboard area.

Pilot ladder: A rope ladder used for the pilot boarding from the outboard area

Inspection Method

-Check the operating condition of the ladder under no weight.
-Check the motor and wire operating condition while restoring to the initial condition after lowering the ladder to the point slant in 55˚ from the initial storage condition.

Use its own winch to lower the ladder horizontal to the ship and load weights. The necessary weight can be obtained from the following equation.

NECESSARY WEIGHT = [(LADDER WEIGHT + FALLS) x 10%] X [(75kg X 8 persons) x 1.1]

1 person is deemed as 75Kg.

Maintain for about 5 minutes under the above weight (sandbags) to check any abnormality in weld zone for the ladder support and deck. Check any deformation after removing the weight and restoring the ladder to the storage position.

Check the mutual assembly condition of both the combination check ACC. ladder and pilot ladder at the installation location of the pilot ladder. The installation angle for ACC. the ladder shall be done in accordance with the maker drawings. The above test shall be applied to the first ship only in case of a series of ships.

Check the davit operating condition using a manual handle after removing the motor.

Acc. Ladder and Pilot Ladder Components


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