Wordads CPM 2020

It is crazy low … as below:

wordads 2020

The average for 1000 ads-served is only $0.05.

If one day, your site gets 1000 views. It means 1000×10 (10 ads tabs) = 10000 ads-served ~ 0.5$.

Following that, if you get 10,000 views a day, you will get ~ 5$ (it’s too low comparing with our work).

Let see the location of viewers in my site:

wordads 2020 Countries

It’s over the world … every country is recorded … why CPM is too low ???…

Many affection factors (Timing of view,  IP location, Cookies allowed, budget of ads, etc.,), and it is too difficult to make money online by Wordads… 😦

One thought on “Wordads CPM 2020

  1. I saw that you have the premium plan and would like to ask a question. I have the premium plan, I signed up today, but when I go to WORDSADS it says that my site cannot participate in WORDSADS. Do you know why you can’t?


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