What is Cooling tower in refinery plant

cooling tower in refinery.jpg

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Cooling Tower Work; 

Cooling Tower to do evaporation of some water in the water system ( the Cooling the Water) cool by spraying (for Spray). Hot Cooling Water to flow through the air against the Packing to increase the contact surface between water and air. When the water and the air come in contact with each other, some water will evaporate and cool the cooling water.

cooling tower in refinery 1.jpg

Cooling Tower Component; 

The main components of Cooling Tower include exhaust fans, pipes and fittings for the Spray Water Cooling water, Pack to increase the surface area of contact between water and air, and Drift eliminator for preventing water being sucked out of the system by the wind from Exhaust Fan.

cooling tower in refinery 2.png

cooling tower in refinery 3.png
Example of Drift eliminators

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