Demagnetize prior to weld

Knowledge for Reference:

Magnetic field strength above a critical intensity is affecting the weld-ability. Well-known interference are:
– Arc welding procedures are sensible to high magnetic field strengths. Welding in presence of magnetic fields may cause magnetic arc blow. Arc blowing is strongly reduced below field strengths of 16 A/cm (=20 Gauss).
– In arc welding with filler wires (FCAW/GMAW/SMAW) , sticking of the wire to a side is caused when significant magnetic fields are present. The sticking is minimized below field strengths of 8 A/cm (=10 Gauss).
– In electron beam welding (EBW), the quality of the welding is strongly affected by magnetism. At field strengths well below 2 A/cm (=2.5 Gauss) the disturbing influence on welding is minimal.

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