API 510 Certification Instructions

API 510 learning package

(100Mbs) Over 1000 Questions and Answers. Full API document, questions on each applicable Code/Section (1-2 months) prior to participate in Prometric examination. Full Training presentations for self learning. Bonus: API 510, 571 Flash Cards, PSV notes – excel files.


Certified API 510 Pressure Vessel inspectors (Salary rate 350-500usd/day) must have a broad knowledge base relating to maintenance, inspection, repair, and alteration of pressure vessels. The API 510 examination is designed to determine if individuals have such knowledge.

To help you learn things faster and easily pass the Examination, here is a list of the topic will outline the full-details of API 510’s Questions and Answers with Explanations for helping the self-learning personals by reading each steps as below:

Firstly, You must know the Real API 510 Exam Structure

  • The API 510 exam day is 7.5 hours long including 2.75 hours for the closed-book portion (morning time), a 45-minute lunch break (out the exam-room) and 3.75 hours for the open-book portion (afternoon). 
  • There are 170 questions on the exam, of which only 140 are scored. The remaining are pretest questions (to evaluate/analysis the new-generation inspectors on both experience and IQ relating to advance NDT methods, problems resolve, design and inspection matters)
  • There are 110 closed-book questions (2.75 hours) and separated 60 open-book questions (3.75 hours).

You will PASS if the final score is 80%

API 510 Approximate Question from each Codes:

API 510, ASME VIII is priority focus during study.

Secondly, You have to go through each questions as detailed below on each step:

Step 1: ASME VIII Questions and Answers (Pressure vessel Design, Fabrication and Pre-Com)

Part 1: Joint Efficiency

Part 2: Pressure Static Head

Part 3: Internal & External Pressure

Part 4: Pressure testing (Pre-Com)

Part 5: Exemption of Impact Testing (CVN-Charpy-Notch)

Part 6: Weld Sizing for Opening Attachment

Part 7: Nozzle Reinforcement

Step 2: API 510 Questions and Answers (In-service inspection and evaluation)

Step 3: API 572 Questions and Answers (How to inspect sufficiently and safety)

Step 4: API 571 Questions and Answers (Type of in-service defects and how to mitigate it)

Step 5: ASME V Questions and Answers (NDT methods monitoring and evaluation)

Step 6: API 576 Questions and Answers (Valves application, and testing)

Step 7: API 577 and ASME IX Questions and Answers (WPS and Welder certification)

Finally, Good Luck and Donation ^^!

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