Ship Bottom Plug Inspection

The following guidelines apply for testing procedures and overall maintenance of bottom plug/socket installation tasks for all ships constructed in the shipyard or during drying dock examination.

The purpose of this section is to not only prevent malfunction as well as to inspect each item in the B/plug close test performed before dock water filling by establishing testing standards for each stage of hull and ship construction procedure as well as for warehousing of bottom plug/sockets, thereby enabling enhanced productivity and the settlement of an independent quality guaranteeing system.

Test Timing and Checking Procedure

1-Warehousing test
When warehousing parts, sampling checks should be performed to check for surface defects, size, materials, and condition of packing (for lead)


Product quality management should be inspected by regularly performing audits to manufacturers.


2-Production Test
Check for presence of surface defects by checking M.P.I after socket welding.

Check for correct fit-up of socket water groove (in the direction of the aft/fwd)


Check for accuracy of plug location by referring to the bottom plug & BHD mark drawing.
Make certain that there are no warps in the socket by performing the welding procedure after inserting the plug into the socket.

3-Testing prior to water filling

The erection department should inspect hexagonal/rectangular types, condition of lead packing, and removal of foreign bodies surrounding socket.

Perform vacuum test with shipowner as witness. The erection department should inspect rainwater density and gauge correction, while the Q.M checks for leakages and mark those plugs for which testing has been completed to distinguish them from non-completed ones.

Should be performed at the same time, as leakages can become
difficult to discover due to painting procedures.


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