Welding Groove Design & Bevel Preparation

What is Backing in welding

What is Back gouging in welding

What is Retainer in welding

What is CJP, PJP in welding

What is Buttering in welding, In Situ Buttering

AWS D1.1: Non-Tubular vs Tubular and how to prepare the PQR

WPS Codes/Specifications  references for crosscheck the essential variables applied to write WPS/PQR:

AWS D1.1: WPS variables – Joint design

ASME IX: WPS variables – Joint design

EN ISO 15614: WPS variables – Joint design

API 1104: WPS variable – Joint design

End Product Design Codes Notes on Welding WPS:

ASME 31.3 (Process piping): WPS qualified by ASME IX

ASME 31.8 (Gas distribution system): WPS qualified by ASME IX or API 1104

ASME VIII (Pressure vessels): WPS qualified by ASME IX 

DNV OS F101 (Submarine Pipeline, Riser, Tie-in Spool): WPS qualified by EN ISO 15614

API RP 2A WSD (Offshore Structure – Topsite): WPS qualified by AWS D1.1 

API 2B (Offshore Structure – Jacket, Frames): WPS qualified by AWS D1.1

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